Welcome to the Unofficial Gaming Community WikiEdit

We are a friendly community of gamers, striving to keep the old ways of gaming alive, while integrating new ways of gaming in a good way. Whether it's PC, Playstation, Xbox, or even good ol' DOS, we will be adding pages on it. 


1. Please DO NOT add any useless information on any subject.

2. Don't start any edit wars. If someone edits your page, they are probably trying to help. If you don't believe that the edit helps, contact an admin.

3.  If there is already information on a subject, don't make another page for that subject. Search the subject in the search bar, and see if a page on it already exists.

4. Have a good time, and get to some gamin'!

We Shall Post Sections About Every Game NeededEdit

Need help with a game? We are working to incorporate every game required by our members. Whether it be The Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Civilization, or any other.

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